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Bratwurst 4pc
Item: Bratwurst - Gluten Free! Description: ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Item: Braunschweiger - Gluten Free! Description: ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Hot Polish Sausage
Item: Hot Polish Sausage Description:  This is our Polish formulation stuffed into ..
Based on 13 reviews.
Polish Sausage 4pc
Item: Polish Sausage 6" Natural Casing - Gluten Free! ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Skinless Polish Sausage 8pc
Item: Skinless Polish - Gluten Free! Description: ..
Smoked Sausage 4pc
Item: Smoked Sausage Description: A coarsely..
Summer Sausage
Item: Summer Sausage Description: A blend of..
Based on 3 reviews.
Troll Smokehouse Hickory Sticks 1.5 Lb
This package is 1.5 lbs of Hickory Meat Sticks. Each package contains 15- 6" sticks. ..
Troll Smokehouse Jalapeno Snack Sticks 1.5lb
This package contains 1.5lb Jalapeno meat sticks. Each package contains approximately 16 stic..
Troll Smokehouse Venison & Pork Pepper Sticks 1.32lb
This package contains 1.32lbs of Venison, Pork, Pepper meat sticks.  Approximately 12 me..
Item: Whol-E-Smokes Description: This is Koe..
Polish Sausage 10 lb Box 10"
Item: Polish Sausage - Gluten Free! Description: ..
Polish Sausage 10 lb Box 6"
Item: Polish Sausage 6 Natural Casing - Gluten Free! D..

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